The Sneak Peek For The Agents HQ

The Agent Headquarters is a place where agents can meet and having discussions.

It is located at the Agents Underground Room. To leave the room, you must go on a green teleporter.

Ways to be an agentEdit

Step one. Help new people. Help them learn how to chat.Edit

New people don't know how to do anything, so when they see you wanting to help, you should first tell them how to chat.

Step two. Give them a tourEdit

They don't know about Chobots, so give them a tour of Chobots, so they will know where to go for fun.

Step three. Follow the rulesEdit

If you don't follow the rules, you shouldn't be an agent, because agents are trusted, helpful chobots who help the community.

Step four. Get someone to stop spamming or do bad things.Edit

Just click on the chobot, click the red "Report" button, then click on the rule he broke, and then click OK.

Step five. Get recommended and win on the agent poll.Edit

You have to be very popular if you want to get recommended on the agent poll.