FANDOM - Your Family Game! For Agents Only

The Agent Badge.

Agents are special Chobots who help alot of Chobots and warn. They are like assistants for moderators, but aren't quite moderators. They are trusted chobots by the Chobots Team. To learn how to become one, please click here. Agents have their own catolog, own HQ, and light blue chat bubbles with a dark blue rim. They, as well, have their own Agent Badges. Being an agent never expires, but breaking rules, not attending meetings, or not being active can demote (de-agent, remove you from Agents Team) you.

How To Be An AgentEdit

To become an agent, you must:

  • Follow the rules ALL THE TIME and warn certain Chobots incase they are not.
  • Help new Chobots, or really any chobots, out if they need help.
  • Give new Chobots tours, or Chobots who quit but returned and forgot lots about Chobots.
  • Be kind and polite.


  • Many chobots try to be agents just to become an agent, not too actually help out.
  • There is a blog ( that allows you to become an agent via. contests.
  • Many Chobots are jealous of agent clothing, showing that they were/are agents.
  • If you are demoted, you can still wear the agent clothes.
  • Chobots, who are now agents, who bought the rocket boots for $12.99 say it's a rip off that they can now just buy it for 5000 bugs.
  • In the last few months of 2010, MANY agents have been demoted sadly.