Citizen Badge

The Citizen Badge

A citizen is a member of Chobots. Citizens pay real money to become a member. They are thought to be mean, but not all are mean. You, however, do not have to earn Citizenship. You must buy citizenship. Citizens have light green chat bubbles with a darker green rim, and they have their own badge, HQ, and drawing place! Whenever you buy a citizenship, you get a special rare item along with it.


1 Month - $7.99

6 Months - $29.99

12 Months - $47.99


  • Some non-citizens feel "left out" because of the membership called citizenship.
  • Many non-citizens make mean protests about citizens, making citizens feel sad as not all are bad.
  • Citizens can access rooms that are too full for non-citizens, surprisingly.
  • Citizens barely wear some non-citizen clothes.
  • They have LOADS more clothes then non-citizens.