Moderator magic, All about that. Yes yes, Mod magic (Moderator magic) is magic that only Moderators make, Ex. They make you wear clothes they want you to wear.

They also make magic, that anyone cant do, But the thing out for citizens can make a balloon rain. Moderators can rain clothes. Watch out for parties, You can see what party they are hosting in the blog they give the details, Sometimes there is time, CCT (Chobots Central Time) You can see the time at the park. You can go on serect partys if your a citizen, Become a citizen now at chobots!! Or friends invite you to that party, Watch out for those partys!

Magic for what Moderators can doEdit

  • They can make you wear what they want you to wear.
  • They can rain clothes.
  • They can rain magic clothes, Ex. Like they rain citizen magic, Noncitizens can get them.
  • They can change the color of the view.
  • It can make an astrounaut go by.
  • You can buy mod magic..